"What if, on the last day of your last hours you realised all the things you thought were important actually mattered very little. 


We're making certain that doesn't happen to you."


- Erin Barnes



The world’s only planner-journal-coach to enable your effective and proud leadership at home, work and in the community, by blending brain, body and behavioural sciences together. 









The Whole Life Success Planner has been strategically developed with the understanding that patterns are hard to break, health and wellbeing are on the decline, disconnection is rising, presence is rare, time is finite and the world is not set to slow down any time soon.


The Whole Life Success Planner changes the status quo for ourselves and our next generations.


The Whole Life Success Planner is underpinned by the exclusive 4Cs Coaching Methodology Pillars, which blends science and research across neuroscience, positive psychology, nutrition, exercise physiology, mindfulness, leadership and emotional literacy 




When you're clear you take intentional and successful action. When you're not, you wait.


This planner activates your Neocortex and Pre-Frontal Cortex. 


This is the part of the brain responsible for goal setting and decision making, and allows us as humans to live with conscious awareness, forward planning, emotional and social intelligence, judgement, willpower, creativity and logic.





    You learn to regulate the Limbic Brain and Amygdala.


    For many people, the Amygdala is on high alert all the time, leading to feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. Potential thus hindered.


    The Amygdala activates the stress response (fight, flight or fright mode), which not only depletes your physical vitality, it interrupts the action centres of the brain and sends us back into auto-pilot and self-sabotage.


    The WLS Planner enables you to shift the habits, beliefs and opinions that you've hoarded for a lifetime.





    We’re usually distracted, reactive and over 95% on autopilot, repeating more of the same.

    The WLS planner changes that with individualised transition strategies and pattern interrupts.

    It transforms complexity into simple frameworks to integrate sustainably.





      The WLS Planner will raise your personal integrity and self-discipline one day at a time. 

      You develop a bias for committed, focussed, intentional and purposeful action, whilst keeping energy high.






      The FOUNDATION Pages

      The FOUNDATION pages bring transparency to your values, ambitions, intentions, priorities, needs, beliefs and fears


      • The VALUES CLARIFICATION Tool guides you through the most important exercise to live life feeling fulfilled, with commitment and integrity, with a consistent ability to make aligned and confident decisions, build supportive habits and reduce overwhelm and self-doubt.  

      • Your WLS DESTINATION VISION Page guides you to a different way of thinking about your life, your identity and your legacy. 


      • Your WLS STATUS Assessment + FOCUS Page - A goal without a plan is just a wish. This assessment sets you up for clarity, conviction, consistency and charge!


      • Your VITALITY Pages ​provide simple structure to key physical and mental vitality drivers, so they become daily habits rather than unmet life goals.  


      The EVERYDAY Pages

      The EVERYDAY Pages ensure that your daily decisions and actions are aligned and supportive of your personal values and goals. 

      • Your PRODUCTIVITY + PRESENCE PLANNING Page is your daily tool to tame the Amygdala, reduce the stress response, live with intention and presence, whilst achieving the most important things unique to you.


        These pages also contain essential behaviour prompts to incorporate into your everyday to advance physical and mental vitality. 

      • The MORNING ATTITUDE + INTENTION PRACTICE addresses brain and intention conflicts, inputs new and accurate data with expanded education and self-discovery, and moves you closer to your goals and vision for the future.

      • Your EVENING REFLECTIONS + DISCOVERY PRACTICE, alongside your ACCOUNTABILITY SCORE CARD will allow you to discover new pleasure in high performance habits and stay on course with your intrinsic motivation.

      • Your END OF WEEK/ NEW WEEK 'RESET' keeps you focussed and clear on your goals and strategy for the week ahead across all areas of life. Each little ordinary moment creates an extraordinary life!


      The SUPPLEMENTARY pages may be used anytime to guide you toward new thinking and self-discovery when you feel stuck, or on repeat of disempowering habits. 

      If you’re a people pleaser, perfectionist or a person who likes superior control, these pages are your best friend.

      • The 'DIP' Framework sets you up with a journalling framework during times of change, adversity, low energy and declining motivation. This framework guides you through the 4Cs Methodology to bring clarity to your unconscious beliefs and fears, and logic to your conscious beliefs and fears. 


        This frameworks guides you toward a new structure and strategy for your thinking, feeling, being and doing.

      • The STRESS STATUS SCORE + TRIGGER ASSESSMENT guides you through a stress trigger identification process and brings clarity and structure to raising stress resilience , physical vitality and mental stability strategy.


      • 3-in-1 planner/journal/tutor 
      • Hard linen cover, ribbon book mark, back pocket and elastic closer
      • Undated 90-Day Everyday Pages, so you can use at any time of year to raise performance, presence and purpose in your everyday
      • A weekly RESET strategy for 12 weeks
      • Foundation Pages to clarify your ambitions, goals, beliefs, fears and values, AND to guide you toward stress resilience, physical vitality and mental stability
      • Supplementary Pages to guide you as needed out of disempowering and low-performance thinking, feeling and doing

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      14 week online learning and integration hub to reset and recalibrate whole life when life demands change.


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      A 90 day planner-journal- tutor

      Teach your kids the same process for success!

      RESET for Kids


      A 3-month online parenting program to learn and lead the essentials for your children to thrive and succeed in today's world.

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