Book your FREE 'Stress Trigger + Health Status' Evaluation

Allow Erin Barnes, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Social Stress Specialist to get underneath your stress drivers and determine the current physical health status of your organ systems and processes.


You will receive valuable insight in to:

  • Your current and unique physical and mental health status
  • Your physical, emotional, mental, social and behavioural stress triggers

Erin will provide you recommendations around these key learnings so that you can successfully move toward physical vitality, emotional stability and mental wellbeing.


You need to be committed to change if you're to take up this no cost and no obligation evaluation.


    We're all challenged at different times with different things.

    Sadly, we try to 'fix' these problems with outdated thinking, behavioural patterns and societal norms.

    We also often try to fix a multi-faceted problem by only focussing on one area (ie- the physical body).


    Whatever change you're seeking, it generally requires powerful shifts in more than one area.


    You're just one click away from that expert advice blending the latest science and research across;

    positive psychology, 




    human biology,


    emotional literacy and 

    exercise physiology 


    to offer you simplistic steps, to stack together, to make new habits stick.


    Next Generation Wellness' unique 4Cs Methodology is a synergistic, successful and sustainable behaviour change approach blending;


    Brain Science (emotional literacy, limiting beliefs, thought processing, neuroplasticity, fear....)

    Body Science (cells, biochemistry, hormones, metabolism, physiology, gut, detoxification.....)  

    Behavioural Science (nutrition, exercise, self-care, mindfulness, cultural bias….)


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