Next Generation Wellness is behind a movement to elevate EVEXIA in homes, workplaces and communities.


(n) well-being 

This movement is focussed on shifting current thinking and actions, which sit at the heart of the frightening societal norm of stress, deteriorating physical and emotional health, pressured relationships, busyness, guilt and addiction.  


A movement TOWARD better education, enlargement and empowered choices, leading to a brighter future for ourselves and our next generations. 



We are all leaders.

Yet what we learn and live, determines how we lead. 

Whether you are a parent, a CEO, self-employed, a teacher, or a grandparent, underneath it all, you are a human leading others.
Are you leading remarkably or dangerously?
We work with all leaders, to assist them in reducing mental and emotional stress triggers causing:

- Mental Health Challenges

- Weight Gain

- Chronic Pain + Inflammation

- Self-Sabotaging Behaviours

- Fatigue 

- Impaired Immunity

- Emotional Instability


We uncover the conscious and unconscious stress triggers, emotionally and physically.


We then combine the very best in science and research, across:

positive psychology,





emotional literacy and

exercise physiology 


And bring you comprehensible education, actionable tools and integrative behaviours to adopt as best fits your lifestyle. 


We support you, and care enough to hold you accountable while you layer tiny changes, physically, emotionally, relationally and mentally.




The Frightening Statistics.

In a world that is becoming faster, more emotionally and relationally disconnected, pleasure driven, physically undernourished and toxic, we need serious change without pause.


Our Children.

One in five adolescents experience depression by the time they reach 18 years of age.


Almost one-quarter of children are overweight or obese, and rates continue to rise.


Half of all mental health conditions in adulthood begin before the age of 14.


Australia is one of the only developed countries where there has been no methodologically rigorous, nationwide study of the prevalence or incidence of child abuse and neglect.

Our Leaders.

One in 5 Australians experience a mental health condition in a given year.


63.4 percent of Australian adults were overweight or obese in 2014-15, which cost the economy $8.6 billion in 2011–12.


Nearly three million Australians live with depression and/or anxiety, which affect their wellbeing, personal relationships, career and productivity.

Only 35% seek help.


1 in 3 marriages end in divorce.


On average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner.


The combined health, administration and social welfare costs of violence against women have been estimated to be $21.7 billion a year.

Our Workplaces.

Mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces $4.7 billion in absenteeism, $6.1 billion in presenteeism and $145.9 million in compensation claims.


It estimated that every dollar spent on effective workplace mental health actions may generate $2.30 in benefits to an organisation — a 2.3 per cent return on investment.


Only 43% of workers say they are working at peak productivity most of the time.


Around 13,545 workers engage in non-fatal suicidal behaviour each year, with 2303 resulting in full incapacity and 11,242 needing a short absence from work.


Only 39% of Australian workers rate their physical health as excellent or very good.


Half of Australian workers have experienced one or more serious incidences of conflict or other negative impacts from work. These experiences are highly correlated with job dissatisfaction.


One in five Australians (21%) have taken time offwork in the past 12 months because they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy

Pathways To EVEXIA


We understand your uniqueness in learning preferences and personal circumstances, which is why we have varied approaches to #ElevatingEVEXIA.


 EVEXIA @ Home

We offer varied approaches for parents driven to integrate positive and sustainable change within themselves and their homes.


All approaches incorporate change within the physical, emotional and mental aspects of wellbeing.


If you're the CEO of the home, pop in and see how you can raise energy, productivity, calm, confidence and connection.

 EVEXIA @ Community


A live series of meetups; events, retreats and workshops held near and far, for small groups and large, schools, workplaces, corporations and parents.


You can select your learning and integration topics and venue, or work with us to create your own personalised EVEXIA event or EVEXIA series.


Sometimes there's beneficial champagne, sometimes chocolate, always Elevating EVEXIA.



EVEXIA @ School

These younger beings drive us in what we do.


In a world that is becoming faster, more emotionally and relationally disconnected, pleasure driven, physically undernourished and toxic, we need serious change without pause.


Choose from a selection of #ElevatingEVEXIA topics or CO-LAB with us.

 EVEXIA @ Work

EVEXIA Corporate

Elevating EVEXIA within small business, big business and government organisations.


We don't believe in overcharging just because you're in business. That's just unethical, and we desire more EVEXIA change agents everywhere!


We also don't believe that you can separate professional and personal, and EVEXIA Corporate encourages and supports growth across both.


We blend science and the latest grounded theory research across positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership, nutrition, mindfulness, emotional literacy and exercise physiology to maximise human behaviour, relationships and energy.


All work centres upon the knowledge that behaviour change requires education, integration and support across the physical, mental and emotional aspects of Evexia.


Taking a holistic, symptomatic and systematic approach to Evexia.


Our work together is directed at establishing the physical, emotional and mental drivers in play, and addressing all the systems in the body functioning sub-optimally, with sustainable and integrative steps, and ongoing support.


We work with the principles of neuroplasticity to create successful change.

 EVEXIA Products

We have Evexia supporting products ranging from water filtration to bone broths, food based supplements, probiotics, detoxification kits, chemical free hair, face and body care, and organic essential oils.


The change agents.


Always expanding self, then leading others from depleted, distracted + reactive, toward vitality, intention + purpose.


We have a posture of responsibility, connection, curiosity, mindfulness, kindness + authenticity.


We learn it. We live it. We lead it.

About Erin Barnes

Erin is the Founder of Next Generation Wellness, and is on mission to empower and equip individuals with the education and tools to reduce stress, stirring a ripple of change that positively impacts our next generations.


Blending 18years of experience and education in Positive Psychology, Nutrition, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Advanced Mindfulness Training, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy + Exercise Physiology, Erin creates a science and research based, sustainable and integrative approach to #ElevatingEVEXIA.


Taking the complex propaganda in the health and wellness sector, Erin transforms it into simple frameworks and sustainable behaviours.


Through Next Generation Wellness, and alongside other experts in the field, Erin delivers education, integration and support across the pillars of EVEXIA.

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