NGW Workplace.

Developing the human behind the leader.


We operationalise values and then use the 4C's Coaching Methodology to create stress resilient people + workplaces, who are motivated by and aligned with, the common mission.


Enabling wellbeing, positive culture and communication, and high performance.


Our curated #workplacewellness strategies promise to;

  • ​Reduce Staff Turnover

    Most people don't leave the job, they leave the leader. The work is spent with those at the top first.



  • Build Individual Intrinsic Motivation 

    Discover the key intrinsic motivators of your staff and build this into communication and reward strategies



  • Productivity + Efficiency

    Improve individual focus and discipline, productivity, effectiveness, creativity and problem solving capabilities.

  • Improve Organisational Culture + Communication

    Develop a structured and measurable strategy to maintain the desired culture and communication.

  • Reduce Absenteeism

    Building the team's health and wellness status, stress resilience and reducing anxiety, depression, irritability, pessimism, anger, self-doubt, self-criticism, and fear

  • Brand Promise

    Operationalise organisational values into non-performance based, behavioural accountability processes. 

Using The 4 C's Methodology.

The exclusive 4 Cs Coaching Methodology blends the latest science and research, education and strategies across;

positive psychology, 




human biology,


emotional literacy and 

exercise physiology 





The 4C's Pillars


Pre-Frontal Cortex

Transparency of values, ambitions, intentions, priorities, emotional needs, personality, supportive behaviours, intrinsic motivators, education gaps, stress triggers, perceptions, beliefs and fears.

When you're clear, you take intentional and successful action. When you're not, you wait.




Limbic Brain

Shifting your paradigm.
(habits, beliefs and opinions that you've hoarded for a lifetime)
The paradigm that allows you to keep falling short of what you want. Keeps you getting the same of the same.
It guides you, whether you're aware of it, or not.

We address brain and intention conflicts, input new and accurate data with expanded education.




We’re usually distracted, reactive and over 95% on autopilot.
We change that up with individualised transition strategies and pattern interrupts.

We transform complexity into simple frameworks to integrate sustainably.


We tame the Amygdala and stress response, and elevate the Neo-cortex (human potentiality)




We activate personal integrity and self-discipline. 

You develop a bias for committed, focussed, intentional and purposeful action, whilst keeping energy high.

You discover new pleasure in high performance habits, and stay on course with your intrinsic motivation.


Options For All Sizes + Types.

Sole Traders + Entrepreneurs

Work alone?

Wish to lead your team better and improve performance and whole life success?


1:1 coaching would be the best approach

Workplace RESET Retreat

Over 2 days at our luxury, residential retreat on the Sunshine Coast, we blend the full 4C's Workplace RESET Suite into a invaluable retreat for your team. 

Raise Stress Resilience + Personal Excellence

Customised Approach

Workplaces are as unique as individuals alone.


All strategies are developed uniquely for your organisation's current and desired situation.



Establish goals, frequency, timing and workplace structure/dynamics to ensure the content, style and outcomes are effective and sustainable.
A minimum of 2 options are provided including why (goals), what (outcomes), how (format, strategy, content).
A clear contract is agreed upon and deposit paid
All training content and material is prepared, with the option for venue organisation and on trend event management
This step matters

"My team and I worked with Erin on our company cultural values and employee personality profiles.  The multi-session process was very well managed by Erin - each session to the point yet made all team members comfortable being very easy to talk too.  


In the first session, it was clear the vast body of knowledge and expertise Erin possesses but she has the unique talent of connecting with team members speaking with clarity rather than complicating the processes unnecessarily. 


The outcome was a set of company values, an operationalised values strategy along with clear supporting behaviours, non-performance employee KPIs and employee personality profiles.  All invaluable for the cultural foundation of the company now and into the future.


My company will be working with Erin in the future and I couldn't recommend her services highly enough."


Matt Elliott

Quant Wagering



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