Why Cleanse?

  • Little by little, day by day, we slowly add in a few more processed and chemically sprayed foods, sugars, additives, alcohol, medications and caffeine. Add these to a generally stressed physical and emotional state, lack of sleep and chemicals in our environment, and we find ourselves noticing:  

    • excess kilo’s
    • brain fog
    • irritability
    • fatigue
    • cravings
    • emotional eating
    • food addiction
    • low moods/ depression/ anxiety digestive issues/ bloating/ IBS constipation/ excess bowel movements


    What we may not notice, which is occurring and incredibly dangerous is:  

    • intestinal permeability (leaky gut)
    • inflammation
    • malnourishment
    • slowing of metabolic function
    • body acidity
    • sluggish digestion
    • chemical toxicity 
    • Hormonal imbalance
    • liver & kidney overload


    We all need a reboot and recalibration, and CLEANSE is your guide.  

    A natural approach without the usual nasties required in many commercial cleanses or ‘detoxes’ in the marketplace and without any calorie restrictive and harmful diet plans.  



    Your body’s pH is critical in maintaining a healthy immune system and energy, managing inflammation, skin and weight. A well balanced pH is also an important factor in ensuring that we better protect our bodies from arthritis, cancers, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.



    Your metabolism isn’t just linked to weight, despite what most people believe. Your metabolism includes all of the chemical reactions that occur in the body every moment and every day to keep us alive. Pretty important hey? We need the right amounts of nutrients to ensure we supply the needed chemicals to repair and maintain our body’s tissues.  



    These days, with our modern lifestyle and diet, our poor digestive tract is under pressure constantly. It is time to give it a rest in order to prevent damage and disease. The digestive system is critical in breaking down food, extracting the nutrients and eliminating what is not needed.




    If you’re suffering from any of the signs above, it is a very good communicator from our body that we need to change something.



    • Weight loss
    • Support of detoxification organs 
    •  Removal of excess toxins/stimulants
    • Removing addictive substances from your diet which you struggle to control
    • Elevated mood
    • Clarity
    • Encouraging regular bowel movements
    • Gut health improvement
    • Supporting healthy gut bacteria


    CLEANSE is encouraged to purchase once and use 2-3 times every year


Cleanse Options


The Cleanse only plan


Cleanse – the e-book


Your 5 day meal plan, shopping list and educational resource to cleanse, reboot your metabolism, aid digestion and alkalise the body (not aimed at weight loss, but could possibly be a side-effect!)






















Body Plus

Supporting products for The Cleanse

$103.45 Save 10%

  • 1 x Cleanse Program E-Book (RRP $19.97) – 5 day meal plan, recipes, shopping list and instruction guide
  • 1 x Changing Habits Organic Peak Performance Blend (RRP $94.97)





















The Ultimate Cleanse

Full Mind-Body experience

$215 Save over 10%

  • 1 x Cleanse Program E-Book (RRP $19.97) – 5 day meal plan, recipes, shopping list and instruction guide
  • 1 x Changing Habits Organic Peak Performance Blend (RRP $94.97)
  • 1 x Changing Habits Organic Colloidal Minerals (RRP $41.95)
  • ​Organic Dehydrated Bone Broth (RRP $24.97)
  • Twenty8 Essentials Immune Boost Body Boost Oil ($24.90)
  • The Whole Life Success Planner (RRP $34.97)

Nourishment is responsible for keeping every system functioning optimally, and for disease prevention.


'How well are we nourishing?'

In this busy and distracted life we lead, it's easy to let the important slip.


I had the 'gift' of experiencing first hand, what happens to the body when we don't quite give it what it needs. You don't notice straight away, but bit by bit things slow down. Then perhaps one day, there comes along a stressful event outside of our control, and at this point our body's need every bit of strength they can get, but there's not enough to fight the stress, and disease strikes.


I have experienced it, but I also see it every day with the women I work with. I don't want that for you or your children.


Our bodies are such remarkable vessels.


Truly blows my mind.


But it matters what and how we feed it.


That's why the The Cleanse was developed.


To reboot, alkalise and improve your relationship to food.



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