Body Secrets

The 5 truths to why your

weight is stuck,

energy is low

and your mood is erratic.

Over 2 hours of training free.


You'll learn the secrets of a BODY CULTURE that has you hooked and dependant, outsourcing control, feeling like a failure, with distrust in your body, physically, emotionally and mentally.

  • A culture that tells people that calorie counting is effective. It no longer is, and is dangerous on many levels.


    A culture that has people hooked and repeating an ‘all or nothing’ approach to their body and health, and keeping them stuck on the rollercoaster of hope followed by hopelessness.


    A culture that has people seeking the one silver bullet (green smoothie, boot camp, elixir, tonic, celery juice) despite us being a much more complex organism for one action to alter its current state.


    A culture that tells people they must starve themselves of the enjoyable and social experiences in order to feel vibrant, with a healthy weight, which leads people toward feelings of boredom and isolation, pushing them to self-sabotage.


    A culture that says train hard and extreme or you'll be fat, and pays no attention to the way this can exacerbate stress hormones which are already over functioning in modern times and causing fat storage, nutrient starvation, inflammation and ill health.


    A culture that tricks people into believing that as they hit midlife, weight gain, pain, hormonal disruption and fatigue must be their companions.


    A culture that tells people that they manage their weight by training and eating strictly through the week, and having Saturday through to Monday as blow outs.



Erin Barnes


Erin holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAsc) – Human Movement Sciences- encompassing nutrition, psychology and exercise science, is an advanced Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Sports Trainer and a certified Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator in aromatherapy, chemical free skincare and essential oils.


Erin developed the 4Cs Coaching Methodology, which allows sustainable behaviour change, stress resilience, mental wellbeing, physical vitality and high performance within individuals and organisations.


Erin is the author of The Whole Life Success Planner and My Best Life Planner- for kids.


Erin is authentic, committed, professional, experienced and outcome focussed.


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