The Body.

It has the power to bring joy and happiness, or pain and frustration.

Confidence.... or limits.

Personal integrity...... or self sabotage.

Strong connections.... or isolation.

Vibrancy....or fatigue.


It holds such a powerful hand in our experience of life.

Our body can lead us resiliently through challenge or add to the challenges we face collectively today.


I need you to know that there is a societal culture right now that has you at risk with your physical health and mental wellbeing.

This culture has you hooked and dependant, outsourcing control, feeling like a failure, with distrust in your body, physically and mentally. 


A culture that tells people that calorie counting is effective. It no longer is, and is dangerous on many levels.


A culture that has people hooked and repeating an ‘all or nothing’ approach to their body and health, and keeping them stuck on the rollercoaster of hope followed by hopelessness.


A culture that has people seeking the one silver bullet (green smoothie, boot camp, elixir, tonic, celery juice) despite us being a much more complex organism for one action to alter its current state.


A culture that tells people they must starve themselves of the enjoyable and social experiences in order to feel vibrant, with a healthy weight, which leads people toward feelings of boredom and isolation, pushing them to self-sabotage.


A culture that says train hard and extreme or you'll be fat, and pays no attention to the way this can exacerbate stress hormones which are already over functioning in modern times and causing fat storage, nutrient starvation, inflammation and ill health.


A culture that tricks people into believing that as they hit midlife, weight gain, pain, hormonal disruption and fatigue must be their companions.


A culture that tells people that they manage their weight by training and eating strictly through the week, and having Saturday through to Monday as blow outs.



So, I stand here with an alternative.

With 20+ years of education across brain, body and behavioural sciences, 

a methodology that is no-where else, 

a personal experience of healing my body, 

the success of maintaining weight and health through many life stages and challenges, and the experience of program design for habit success,


I believe in this process with such conviction, based on my two decades of living it, researching it, and coaching it, that I am confident in asking for a few moments of your precious attention.


The rules of the game have changed, and it's time for a new rule book.


Your health and life goal achievement and happiness is determined by how tactically, consistently and genuinely you commit to your personal development. Your body choices are motivated (good or bad) around all the elements in your social and environmental arena, your unconscious thinking and beliefs, your memories (true or made up), your level of personal trust and integrity, and your support. Not just what you eat and move.


The work on the body must also involve work on the brain, on your every moment habits, and your overall personal development.


But most people have no plan for this type of development, and instead pick an area of life as a goal that they believe will change everything else when they get that one thing.

Body Reset


If you’re ready to take back control of your health and wellbeing, then it’s time to learn what is truly going on within your unique biochemistry, behaviours and brain, and support it better than ever.


This system is different because you develop the plan that fits your lifestyle and unique body, based on your current health status findings and story triggers, alongside current education and the Next Generation Wellness exclusive behaviour change success framework.


The body is a synergistic machine, therefore Body Reset can change your current experience across any and all of;


Pain and inflammation

Negative impacts of stress

Anxiety and depression

Weight gain or weight loss resistance

Irritability and anger


Headaches and migraines

Confusion and brain fog

Hormonal challenges

Sleep disturbance

We get up close and personal!

I literally evaluate your current physical, emotional, mental and social status, and then we meet virtually in a

private 1:1 60-minute strategy session.


Value $347, but we include this for $0.


When you join you receive a symptomatic health status evaluation and an emotional, mental and social stress status questionnaire.


Armed with this insight, I will personally provide you with your unique;

  • Current health status across your 11 organ systems (then you actually know how to recalibrate them!)
  • The physical, emotional, mental, social and behavioural triggers that keep you in autopilot and self-sabotage (no amount of willpower will beat this if you don't know it!)

Alongside 3-months of strategic training.....


Let The Truth Be Told.


We dive deep within the current culture so that you truly understand why you've stayed stuck.


We go beyond food and exercise, into the shame-diet cycle and reset everything you have believed about your body, brain and behaviours.


The essential foundations for an easier approach and lifetime success.

The Gap.


You get the answers you've been waiting for and have never been given.

No more cookie cutter approaches or shooting in the dark.


We meet 1:1 virtually to bring clarity to your current brain, body and behaviour status.


And when you finally understand the gap,  you can RESET IT ALL!


We also uncover storylines you didn't know existed, your adrenal and sex hormone enemies, and limiting beliefs.


We raise the bar on what is possible in your life, far beyond your body.

The Map.


Formulate your Body Reset Map with a new approach to behaviour change grounded in;


positive psychology, 




human biology,


emotional literacy and 

exercise physiology 

The Roots - Body


Bring Module 2 and your personal consultation insight together with vital education to bring the body into recalibration and control.


We give you the nitty gritty to support your biochemistry, 

digestive system, bacteria, liver and hormones.


You learn all the necessary elements to food (that the marketing moguls don't want you to know - that keep you addicted......).


We then simplify it all so that you can easily plug your essential stepping stone behaviours into your personalised map.






The Roots - Brain


Why do you do what you, when you know what you know?


It's time to work with that mind of yours. To shake up what you've believed to be your limits. 


We tame the Amygdala which normally instigates an auto-pilot response of behaviours, without you even being aware. Goodbye self-sabotage.


We bring the research and tools around optimism, self-compassion, mindfulness, emotional needs, personality,  intrinsic motivators..........and use their power for success.

Lifetime Mastery


This is where you surprise yourself.


You understand how to control your experience, to enjoy life alongside health, vitality and a maintained weight without extremes.


You live daily with personal accountability, intention and integrity, with a posture of success that is undeniable.


Other areas of life flourish.

3-Day Reset



Here's something I know. 

Many of us are impatient, and when we feel frustrated with our body, we look outside of ourselves for the quickest fix we can find.


So rather than starve your stunning organ systems, you can follow this easy 3-day Food Reset from the outset.


You will feel more energetic and much lighter, so that you can maintain your patience with the brain and behavioural transitions in the program.

Support Network


Alongside lifetime access to the program itself, you'll have access to your social support network.


I will personally be present in this network, multiple times per week, to answer questions and offer strategies and solutions.


Not deigned to distract you from an on purpose life, rather a means to keep you on track.


You also receive The Whole Life Success Planner!

Your daily accountability tool for your 3-months which blends brain, body and behavioural sciences together. 


Body Reset is designed so that you are not reliant on me or anyone else, ever again, when it comes to your BODY!

No more excuses.






​​A 6 module program, drip fed to you strategically, with both the education and integrative action steps (cognitive and behavioural) for you to reset how your body looks and feels, alongside a clearer and balanced vision of all your important areas of life. Never again will you need to rely on someone else when it comes to your body.

 12 months access.


No starvation permitted. Feel more energetic, less inflamed and much lighter, so that you can maintain your patience with the brain and behavioural transitions within the program.


We're all different. This program and this evaluation is about understanding what your unique cells, hormones, systems and bacteria are up to, so that you know where to focus your energy and attention right now. You also learn the skills to unpack your personal symptoms anytime in the future, so that you are always in control of your next right steps.

  • PRIVATE, 1:1 60 minute COACHING SESSION (Value $198)

Together on Zoom, we get crystal clear on what your main focus points are through the program to move the needle the most for you. Trying to do everything at once, in an all-or-nothing approach, is unsustainable, so we do it differently.



3-months of daily accountability and clarity. This planner also gets you back on track when you hit a 'very normal' dip that usually sends you off course and into self-sabotage. Shipping is included within Australia and outside of Australia, the shipping cost will be invoiced directly at cost.



During the LIVE 3-month rounds, all your Q+A and support between our face to face connections will be here. You have access to an all important community of participants whose stories, challenges and successes will give you motivation and insight into your own sustainable success.


Enjoy 10% off all NGW products, 10% off additional 1:1 coaching services and specials on other workshops and retreats.


6 additional hours of past live group coaching session recordings to bring greater insight to the modules and integration strategy.


These two programs are your simple guides to resetting your body and the very normal foods that gradually sneak in to upset our vitality. Participating in Winter and Summer will keep your body and cravings in control.

Valued at over $845

3- Month Body Reset Membership Options:

Single Payment



6 x Fortnightly Payments



Fortnightly x 6

100% Money Back Guarantee

Should you complete the program alongside each module accountability challenge, your  1:1 session, listen to the pre-recorded fortnightly sessions, using The Whole Life Success Planner and you're not living life from a better place, I will give you 100% of your program fees back.


Meet Your Host

Erin Barnes

Health, Stress Resilience + Behavioural Change Specialist

Founder of the 4Cs Coaching Methodology

Erin Barnes holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAsc) – Human Movement Sciences- encompassing nutrition, psychology and exercise science, is an advanced Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Sports Trainer and a certified Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator in aromatherapy, chemical free skincare and essential oils.


Erin created the 4Cs Coaching Methodology, which allows sustainable behaviour change, stress resilience and high performance among individuals, athletes and organisations.


The 4Cs Coaching Methodology, reduces your unique physical, mental and emotional stress triggers, alongside an individualised, values-centred and successful behaviour change framework, blending;

  • BRAIN Science - neuroplasticity, positive psychology, emotional literacy, belief systems, thought processing, fear triggers......
  • BODY Science - human biology, cells, biochemistry, hormones, metabolism, physiology, gut, detoxification.......
  • BEHAVIOURAL Science - nutrition, movement, self-care, mindfulness, leadership, cultural bias…... 

Erin is authentic, committed, professional, experienced and accountability focussed.



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