Ultimate Life Success Incubator

For the ambitious and driven professional woman seeking to expand time, raise stress resilience and lead with elevated success in her professionwellnesshome and community.


What if, on the last day of your last hours, you realised all the things you thought were important, actually mattered very little. 

We're making certain that doesn't happen to you.

We’re seeking just 15 leading and ambitious women, who have an awe-inspiring addiction to achievement and success, yet have a relentless knowing, that there is some serious work to do in other areas of their lives, for longevity, and to be fulsomely proud at the end.



With 20 years education and experience across Brain, Body and Behavioural Sciences, and being entrenched in women's lives and challenges, I know the ugly truth;


if you’re ambitious and high performing, you’re phenomenal in many important life areas, but in other areas, you’re very grateful that no one can hear what you’re thinking, and see what you’re doing.


Go ahead, lucky dip into your life.

Put aside the areas you're excelling in for a moment, and pay attention to where you try your best to conceal the truth. 

For no matter how well you conceal it, it still greets you at the end of your day, your month, your year, your life.

Despite all the great that you do, the area that is not, stays in the forefront of your mind.


Are there gaps between how you show up for yourself, at work, for your children, for your partner, and in the community? 


Are you nailing business success, but your health and body (part of your personal brand and legacy) reminds you of where you're falling short?


Do you look at your children and wish that you were giving them more of your presence, positive leadership and nourishment, but there is no time in the day for that? Perhaps it's not as fulfilling for you as your profession?


Is your intimate partner of choice getting to spend time with your worst part? Or worse still, is there no time for connection and intimacy at all?


Are your friends stretching, authentic, and supportive, and can you truly be yourself around them?


Is your stress limiting your potential leadership success? 


If you felt your body tighten just a little, you know the truth too.

You're already such a success, let us show you how to bring that success across whole life areas.



What is the Incubator?

Within The ULS Incubator, we acknowledge there is no separation between your professional and personal leadership and success.

Your responsibilities do not end as you finish your work day.

You have a responsibility to yourself, at home and in the community to live and lead proud.


The Incubator is a 10-month exclusive, inter-disciplinary strategic platform, incorporating transformative and professionally curated strategy, an elite level group environment, advanced education, group and private coaching, PLUS individualised integrative support.


It's the best of the best in living and leading 'whole-life' success.


The incubator enables:

Peak Potentiality, Resilience + Sustainable High Performance Habits

Vitality, Energy + your best Body 

Present, Proud + Positive Parenting

Strong Relationships, Support + Intimacy

Positive, Kind and Authentic Communication professionally and personally


Because we know that if you are the ambitious type we're seeking, you are stretched beyond belief, and you've made sacrifices in critical life areas.


Your stretch very often steals your presence, kindness, joy, health and performance.  

What's Included;


of health, wellness, mindset, business, parenting, communication and leadership experts on hand to serve you uniquely.









An A+ Grade level group environment for expansion and support. Your Kin also have big goals, and will become your powerhouse 

network to collaborate, celebrate and challenge status quo with. 



Week 1, we get underneath your physical, mental, emotional and behavioural stress drivers, alongside a current symptomatic health status evaluation. 


We provide you with valuable insight and actions in a 90-minute private consultation,  so that you can successfully move toward peak performance, vitality and whole life fulfilment.


Alternate month 'whole-life area' group educational, coaching calls.


Sometimes we don't know what we don't know, and it's hindering our potential. We deliver the best education and strategy to you.









A unique, scientifically proven, customised 

blueprint for supreme clarity and focus, alongside a proven accountability process for greater presence and intention, and less emotion and stress. You receive fortnightly 30-minute Action + Accountability Coaching Calls with your experienced behaviour change expert.









delivered to your door bi-monthly for you to dive into the essential learning, away from technology.


Each monthly kit includes the education and 'next' easy implementation 

steps across:

  • Peak Potentiality, Resilience + Sustainable High Performance Habits
  • Vitality, Energy + your best Body 
  • Present, Positive + Proud Parenting
  • Strong Relationships, Support + Intimacy
  • Positive, Kind and Authentic Personal and Professional Communication


You will be pampered, surprised and gifted throughout your entire 2020 journey with us. 
























high performing kin connection and unlimited support.





















PLUS, we commence with a 

3-day luxurious and transformative MASTERS RETREAT!

A boutique escape to 'Aquila Retreat' on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, 21st-23rd February 2020, with your fellow kin.

We blend relaxation and restoration with a high level, outcome-centred program to super-charge your ability to raise stress resilience, so that you can live above your current limits across all areas of life. 


Expect huge break throughs, clarity, conviction and charge for the year ahead.


And we get to celebrate with cocktails and dinner at our favourite rooftop restaurant, enjoy hot stone massages, a beach amble, yoga, a high performance recovery room session, meditations, nature scrambles, plant-based cooking class, an elegant Aimee Provence high tea parlour experience, expert education sessions, surprise indulgences, pool and spa lounging, with all your delicious and nourishing meals included.


This retreat is designed to immerse you into your personal and professional development, disconnect from the chaos, and to connect with yourself and your authentic kin, with 2-nights luxury accomodation in a peaceful sleep sanctuary!


Flights not included.


10-months unlimited online yoga classes and meditations 

Join your A-Team, and the team at A Live Yogiwhenever you choose with live classes, or pop into the expansive library of recorded sessions.

Meet Your Incubator Host

Erin Barnes

Health, Stress Resilience + Behavioural Change Specialist

Founder of the 4Cs Coaching Methodology

Erin Barnes holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAsc) – Human Movement Sciences- encompassing nutrition, psychology and exercise science, is an advanced Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Sports Trainer and a certified Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator in aromatherapy, chemical free skincare and essential oils.


Erin created the 4Cs Coaching Methodology, which allows sustainable behaviour change, stress resilience and high performance among individuals, athletes and organisations.


The 4Cs Coaching Methodology, reduces your unique physical, mental and emotional stress triggers, alongside an individualised, values-centred and successful behaviour change framework, blending;

  • BRAIN Science - neuroplasticity, positive psychology, emotional literacy, belief systems, thought processing, fear triggers......
  • BODY Science - human biology, cells, biochemistry, hormones, metabolism, physiology, gut, detoxification.......
  • BEHAVIOURAL Science - nutrition, movement, self-care, mindfulness, leadership, cultural bias…... 

Erin is authentic, committed, professional, experienced and accountability focussed.


Meet Your Personal Team Of 'The Best' For Whole-Life Success

Kim Morrison

Your Self-Love Coach

Kim Morrison is the queen and pioneer of self-love and self-care.

She is an award winning author, coach, key-note speaker, aromatherapist, world-record holder, and founder of Twenty8 Essentials.


Tenacity is probably the first word that comes to mind when you think of Kim Morrison.  Her journey and all she has accomplished to date has all stemmed from her unwavering self-belief and her deep understanding that you must also take care of yourself first and foremost.


Leonie Canham

Your Communication Coach


Leonie Canham is a journalist, freelance writer, editor & communications specialist. She is the creative director of The Splendid Word, a boutique communications company, and co-founder of the 'Spreading The Good Stuff' podcast and live event series. 


Leonie holds a degree in journalism and public relations, and today chooses to tell the good news stories, and educate others on how to speak, write and live with kindness, authenticity and connection.

Lauren Verona

Your Yogi, Energy + Purpose Coach

Lauren Verona is a passionate business woman, yoga teacher, and single mum. She has created and grown four thriving yoga communities across Australia, and most recently an online yoga studio including live classes.


As one of Food Matters' official experts, Lauren streams her online classes to over 1,000,000 viewers. Based on demand from both her FMTV clientele and her existing student base, she has most recently launched A Live Yogi - Australia’s first live online yoga studio.

Dr Peter Fowler

Your Sleep + Recovery Coach

Dr. Peter Fowler is a sports scientist specialising in performance recovery. He has 10 years of high-performance sport experience - combining applied laboratory and field-based research, with sport science support to elite athletes in the UK, Australia and Qatar.

His research focuses on developing practical interventions which minimise sleep disruption and enhance recovery in high performers. He is the founder and owner of The Recovery Room.


Ricki Baker

Your Fitness + Motivational Coach

Ricki Baker is one high energy human, founder of active wear brand; Gunnah Fit, personal and corporate fitness trainer and a vet nurse.


Ricki's passion lies in helping humans and animals live a higher quality of life.


Ricki lives her message; Be fun, loving and live each day as if it's your last



Ashley Jubinville

Your Kitchen Coach

Ashley Jubinville is an inspiration in the kitchen and an advocate for vibrant health naturally.


 With a background in structural engineering, she now channels all those learnings in organisation, efficiency, and problem-solving into helping people establish a solid foundation for health in the home. She won't stop until she has positively transformed, and personally touched the lives of 10,000,000 families. 

How We Guarantee Whole Life Success

Your expert team are also ambitious, high-performing women.

They know you don't have any more time to spare.


So we bring our decades of niche successes and expert knowledge, simplify the heck out of it, and package it up in an easy-to-implement strategy.


We integrate the changes using an exclusive and sustainable behavioural change framework, underpinned by neuroscience and cognitive processing education.


We also know the best action and accountability process for success, and we integrate this into the Incubator.


We don't just go it alone, and we don't just do it as a group. We have the perfect blend of both for best personal outcomes.


We acknowledge that we are all unique, which is why the Incubator is capped at 15 women.


This group has a quality of mind that encourages forward-thinking and creativity, regardless of surrounding circumstances. We encourage you to bring and share your unique talents too!


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