Life is now.

How does it feel?

Do you wake up black and puffy eyed, a dull throbbing head, with a million and one 'to-do's' turning over in your crowded mind, wondering how it will all fit in? 


 Does the day just slip away, with the best intentions of exercising, making nourishing foods, and self-care practices slipping with it?


Do you answer 'good thanks', when you feel anxious, overwhelmed or exhausted?


Do you react hastily to those you love dearly because of your underlying feelings, and end up hurting someone who hasn't done anything very wrong?


Do you say 'yes' to everyone else, and wonder how you are going to pull it all off?


Do you go to bed planning for tomorrow to be different?


You see, most women I work with

have crowded minds, their time disappears, sleep limited, exercise sporadic and self-care non-existent


They feel pressured to fill their schedules (and children’s) with constant activities.


They feel like they are spending too many pennies on superficial ‘things’, are commonly wine funded, caffeine reliant and sugar driven because life doesn't look and feel the way they want it to. Sometimes they don't even know how they want to feel and are simply a slave to life.


They are time poor and therefore expose their family to increasing chemical toxicity in their food, their homes and personal care products, and are often very unaware of the destruction bubbling underneath the skin's surface.


Some have pain, excess weight and cravings. Most are dead tired and wired.


Some are 'eating well' and moving, yet can't budge the excess kilograms, and stuck measuring their self-worth through scales.


Some are unmotivated and unfulfilled because they feel like a bad parent to want more than being a mum.


Most speak harsh and unconscious self-talk, living in comparison and self sabotage.


Most are tired, cranky, impatient, frustrated, anxious, energyless, unhappy and distracted. 


They sit LAST on the to-do list and are WAITING for the right time, more money, to lose weight, or some other 'thing' that is perceived real........ and they defer a better way of living forever.  


They are also the biggest role models in their children's lives!

What You'll Learn

Module 0.

Foundations For Change.

+ learn how to create sustainable change

+ develop a mindset for success

+ adopt practices to create greater productivity and feel more in control of the out of control

+ eliminate emotional (the crowded mind), mental (the past experiences and beliefs) and physical clutter  

Module 1.

Changing Habits.

Changing Minds.

+ create a shift from negative thinking to positive self talk

+ understand the number one trigger holding you where you are

+ develop a crystal clear vision for your life across all areas 

+ learn strategies for effective behaviour change; mind + action

+ learn what is depleting your energy (it may not be your physical actions)

+ learn the practice of visualisation to attract what you most seek that's keeping you frustrated now

+ discover your drivers and discomfort points 

+ identify your good and bad triggers, your blocks, barriers and obstacles

+ identify your strengths, raise your standards and learn to remove old associations with poor health behaviours. 

Module 2.

Nourishment + Energy

+ get back to basics nutrition

+ the truth about dairy + gluten + tips to reduce

+ learn all about additives and sugar and their toxic affect on the body

+ receive tools to reduce toxicity

+ learn where you sit on the food addiction spectrum and how to reduce its impact

+ learn all about gut health and create your family's unique plan to heal and balance flora

+ learn about nutrient timing and strategies to achieve consistent energy

+ unpack health trends and their biochemical and physiological affect

+ develop a unique and sustainable nourishment strategy for your family

+ learn 6 ways to boost your metabolism naturally

+ uncover the best foods to include for common ailments such as anxiety, energy, hormones and immunity

+ learn how to make Kimchi + Saurkraut (fermented vegetables) off Expert Partner Kale Brock

Module 3.

Emotional Mastery

+ discover how stress, weight, energy, hormones and sleep intertwine and affect your mood

+ learn how the emotional state affects the biochemistry and physiology of the body

+ adopt micro moments of self care to balance hormones, manage anxiety and create calm

+ learn a quick 4 step process to snap out of a cranky or low mood

+ understand hormones and 10 ways to balance them naturally

+ create an action plan for going from busy to balanced  

+ understand your unique motivators based on your personality type

+ discover how to create a mini-retreat in your home

+ tips on improving the quality of sleep and why it is a non-negotiable

Module 4.

Powerful Planning + Skillful Socialising 

+ receive your recipe starter kit with your staples meals, indulgent meals, snacks and desserts

+ learn how to grow your collection with pleasurable and healthy options

+ learn how to become accomplished in eating well on a budget and efficient with choices and decision making

+ establish your likes, dislikes and desirable ingredients to assist with planning and substituting bad with good

+ discover how to eat mindfully and balanced (it's not as hard as you think) 

+ adopt a new meal planning regime for health, providing better time management practices

+ become competent with portion sizes for the family and adopt strategies for reducing portion sizes

+ access the additional Recipe Hub, with a new fortnightly healthy recipe added for life

+ evaluate your social life and establish an action plan to survive it (yes, you can be healthy without hibernating!)

Module 5.

Home Nutrient Stocktake

+ be guided through an audit of your fridge, freezer and pantry

+ discover the best substitutions for your buget and health

+ reduce temptation, food addiction and fussy kids

Module 6.

Savvy Shopping

+ become the most time efficient, health conscious, equipped and educated shopper that you know

+ always have a healthy snack or meal to whip up with your nutrient stocked pantry + shopping guide

+ learn to incorporate your meal planning and shopping together quickly and save yourself hours every week

+ understand how to read labels properly (not just the nutritional panel or what the marketing boldly says)

+ put your new safe staples shopping list into action and avoid the most suspect additives and preservatives

Module 7.

Calming The Chaos

+ simple actions to create a harmonious home

+ learn how to enjoy the ride of life (despite the challenges and big goals)

+ learn how to move through the fears that have kept you stuck and leading a mediocre life (remember your kids are watching)

+ learn how to come back quickly from living below the line

+ learn the benefits of meditation and how to incorporate around children and a busy schedule (you don't need 20 minutes)

+ be guided through a quick 'create calm' practice that you can use anywhere

+ begin to protect your time and include more stillness into your day

Module 8.

Reducing Chemical Toxicity

+ learn how chemical toxicity is affecting weight, health, hormones, mood and behaviour

+ discover where the most dangerous chemicals are found (outside our food)

+ learn how to reduce chemical overload

+ recieve DIY recipes to reduce chemical toxicity in an affordable way

+ discover how chemical obesogens are halting body fat loss and encouraging fat gain

+ learn how to apply first aid naturally for common ailments

+ uncover the 10 must have products to detoxify your home from chemicals

+ uncover the benefits of transitioning to chemical free skin care (and what the other stuff is really doing)

Module 9.

Nourished Kids

+ learn the essential vitamins necessary for children's brain development and where to find them

+ uncover how to detect deficiencies of these vitamins

+ learn the safe gut health practices for children

+ discover how to identify impaired gut function that may lead to disease or behavioural challenges

+ follow steps to reduce allergies (hint: it's not all about the food)

+ find the hidden truths behind why gluten and dairy are causing havoc

+ Lunch box 101- how to fill a lunchbox gluten, nut and dairy free whilst achieving a good balance of nourishment

+ hacks for sneaking in greens (and what happens if we don't)

+ understand the psychology behind fussy eaters (and tips to beat them)

Module 10.

Movement + Mood

+ learn how to develop a sustainable approach to exercise so that excuses and time don't sabotage it

+ access your 'do at home, anytime' yoga video session 

+ discover the types of movement essential for health, weight and mood

+ develop a back up ritual for when time slips by and the unexpected arises (so that the exercise habits holds strong)

+ understand how the traditional 'go hard' approach can sometimesbe detrimental to weight loss, energy and mood

+ develop a positive relationship with exercise so that you don't fall off the wagon 

+ understand how you and your children can adopt a healthy relationship with the body and exercise

Module 11.

Confidence + Connection

+ learn simple strategies to boost self-confidence

+ fall in love with your body

+ how to create supportive relationships to enjoy life's precious moments

+ coping with negative relationships

+ access your personal styling guide to look and feel amazing (it's ok to want to)

+ learn how to stop taking things personally

+ discover how to be honest without the fear of not being accepted 

+ create your inner confidence plan to strive further in life

+ simple tips for greater connection with your partner

+ be able to show up (even when you're scared)

+ lose the affect of comparison and competition and accept what is

+ say goodbye to people pleasing (and actually achieve stronger relationships)

+ learn why some people drive you nuts and some make you feel on top of the world (and learn to live with both easily)

Module 12.

Passion, Wealth + Purpose

+ simple steps to uncover your passion and purpose (it's usually more than your children)

+ strengthen your relationship with money and create financial wellbeing

+ learn how your 'meaning' affects your physical health

+ discover how to align what you do daily with your personality and strengths for greater day-to-day energy

Module 13.

Transforming For A Lifetime

+ put it all into practice!

+ receive your step by step guide to ongoing sustainable change

+ learn kinesiology muscle testing

Beyond The Modules.

Transformation continues through ongoing learning and this is why you are welcome in this space for life.


You can revisit the learning which may feem foreign right now, or come back and tweak to take your life to the next level each round and in between.

About The Author

Within my 18 years experience in the health and wellness sector, I have witnessed the woman’s constant struggle to show up with vibrancy and presence.  Instead, living each day with an un-healthy relationship with food and their body, feeling overwhelmed, pressured and fatigued, and constantly falling into ‘not good enough’ distracting and self-sabotaging behaviours.


Today, I blend my education, skill and experience encompassing Positive Psychology, Nutrition, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Advanced Mindfulness Training, Exercise Physiology, and toxin reduction to create a science and research based, sustainable approach to expanding women’s overall health and wellbeing.

“I take the complex propaganda in the health and wellness sector, and transform it into simple frameworks and sustainable behaviours”

The women I work with take back control of their lives, showing up consistently with;

  • greater energy
  • improvements in chronic symptoms 
  • a different relationship to food
  • a less stressed existence 
  • congruent, connected and confident behaviours
  • a healthy weight
  • strong relationships 
  • positive role-modelling for the little eyes watching every move


    Erin Barnes

    Founder Next Generation Wellness

    What you'll also get...

    Videos, Worksheets + Tools

    Over 37 videos, 89 PDF actionable and educational downloads, and 17 audios that help YOU to change YOUR current situation across all areas of life (and sustain it).

    Housed in your membership hub so that you can access whenever you like. This is the work of over 16 years in the health and wellness industry 

    Member Forum 

    Lifetime membership to your HPHC Community of likeminded and supportive parents. All on the same journey, you can lean and learn off each other. 

    Access For Life

    Just in case things get out of control, you fall off the wagon, or you are holidaying mid-program, OR YOU JUST LOVE GROWING AND IMPROVING, the HPHC modules are always there for you to access any time, forever!

    Recipe Hub

    A hub of recipes that are family friendly, healthy and easy, added to the recipe index on the membership site.

    Lifetime Discounts

    As a member of this group, you receive an ongoing discount with your HPHC discount code on everything in the shop (talking bone broth, greens, probiotics, essential oils, chemical free products.............)

    Industry Experts

    Access to industry experts including Kim Morrison, Kale Brock, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Elizabeth Hughes, Laura Trotta, Naomi Arnold, Jennifer Timmins, Elisha Casagrande, and Lauren Verona.


    Leonie Canham

    Leonie Canham, Co-Director The Splendid Word, Wife and Mother to 3 little boys 

    The Healthy Parent Healthy Child program has the power to whole-heartedly transform the inner sanctum of your family unit on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 


    If a life abundant in health, happiness and wellbeing is what you desire for yourself and your children, then this is a journey you absolutely MUST take. HPHC takes you on an empowering, enlarging and uplifting ride of self-discovery that will arm you with the confidence, belief, and drive to take back control of your family’s health and wellbeing. 


    Erin has masterfully crafted a program that cuts through the confusion, contradiction and overwhelm many face on their quest for achieving wellness, guiding us toward a life of sustainable nutrition, exercise and spiritual habits to be the very best leaders, teachers and role models we can be for our future generations. 


    This transformational course will change the way you think, act and live your life’s purpose. You will walk away with a greater self-awareness for fostering your own ambition, facing your personal fears, doubts and anxieties, and for teaching your children exactly what they need to be healthy and happy. 

    Dee Ludlow

    Finance Manager, loving wife and mama of two precious boys.

    The Healthy Parent Healthy Child program is a must for anyone seeking to reclaim their life balance and improve the health and wellness of themselves and their family. I’ve gained and grown so much during my journey through the program in the areas of mindset, nutrition, exercise, self care, productivity and happiness.


    I love that I’ve been able to apply my learning to create real and meaningful change in our family life, including dramatically reducing the amount of packaged foods in our home. I know that our family is eating safely and that the changes can be maintained around full-time work and family commitments.


    For me, the real sweet spot of the Healthy Parent Healthy Child program is the lifetime membership to the learning hub – having the freedom to access the learning modules at any time, and the opportunity to join in any new programs as they are released. 

    I have participated in the program twice and both times have picked up so many new and easy strategies to implement.


    Healthy Parent Healthy Child covered all the facets of my life that I wanted to change and I look forward to joining in again this round to work through some more personal areas of interest around life balance and confidence.


    Thanks for all your support Erin – your passion, expertise and dedication to making a difference to the health and wellbeing of Australian families is inspiring.

    Vicki Laffy

    Working mother of 3

    Thank you Erin, HPHC has been amazing + I look forward to being part of this fantastic little community for the rest of my future. We have reduced the amount of additives in our diet + in doing so have reduced the packaged foods; this was aimed at repairing my gut + reducing our addiction to bad foods. 


    I have aimed to have weekly goals to help me stick to my healthy ways so I feel like I’m thinking more clearly + calmly. I’m constantly remembering to think ‘two beats longer’ + to be more present – writing in my journal to remind myself of being thankful and thinking of the positive. 


    Consuming less alcohol and more fermented foods and healing/vegetable based smoothies for breakfast to feel more energetic and less blah. Moving as much as possible to feel more energized and less stiff. Realising that I AM a good person, am doing my best and am control of MY choices. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things but I’ve also realised that health is much more important than weight. 

    Diana Ellis

    Mother of 2, QLD, Australia

    I wanted to share my personal experience with the program. I have really enjoyed learning about additives and how to spot the difference between healthy food and “healthy” food. 


    The biggest thing I have gained is that I finally have my natural appetite back. Before I couldn’t understand how I could eat so much and still be hungry. Now I really understand, my stomach was full but my body was starving. This has been especially beneficial since I’m seven months pregnant. It’s great to know that I’m giving my baby the best start. 


    My husband has also benefited. The info on gut health especially has helped him regain some balance. I still have so much to learn but am really enjoying the process. Thank you xx 

    Elisha Johnson

    Working mother of 2, NSW, Australia

    Thank you so much, Erin, for pouring your heart and soul into this program. You've certainly changed my life and I'll be forever grateful for your contribution to my life.


    Katie and I have a conversation about what we've learnt or what we're doing EVERY time we see each other. You've truly had an incredible impact on my health, my family's health and my mindset. I feel so happy right now!

    So thank you!!


    My vision from the start of the program is very empowering and I've set myself goals for the next 3 months.


    I've loved every element of the program and how it's all tied together at the end. Can't wait to follow again in Feb. Life long learning and change continues xx

    Katie Eldridge

    Working mother of 2, NSW, Australia

    The Healthy Parent, Healthy Child program is seriously one of the most comprehensive, eye opening and life changing courses I have ever done.


    Erin is incredibly generous with her wealth of knowledge and has provided me with practical advice to improve the health and wellbeing of myself and my family.

    Is this Program Right for You?

    For parents who are ready to...

    • + Reduce the amount of packaged food their family eats


      + Reduce or eliminate food addiction, cravings & emotional eating


      + Reduce everyday stress and negative emotions hindering weightloss and energy


      + Be social, enjoy treats while still maintaining their weight


      + Reduce anxiety & depression, personally or within their children by balancing brain chemicals and hormones


      + Ensure that their children feel confident in their body as they grow


      + Prevent or control bloating, IBS, and auto-immune disease


      + Ditch any future need for weight loss products, counting calories, diets and their expense


      + Reduce chemical toxicity in the home, personal care products and cleaning products affecting weight, mood, inflammation, energy and disease


      + Wake up energetic and maintain energy throughout their busy day


      + Improve their sleep


      + Detach from technology


      + Cleanse and alkalise their body, whilst boosting their metabolism


      + Be an inspirational leader for their children


      + Get back precious hours in their week by being prepared and efficient


      + Learn how to style their clothes for their body type


      + Achieve their best skin without the endocrine disrupting and cancer causing chemicals


      + Incorporate the right movement patterns unique to their body, everyday


      + Incorporate stillness in spite of their busy schedule, and teach the skill to their kids


      + Create an un-indulgent self-care daily routine


      + Have a better relationship with their money


      + Fill their kids lunchboxes with nourishment


      + Create supportive relationships & manage the negative ones


      + Enlarge their relationship with themselves and others

    Not for parents who are not...

    • - Ready to dig in and make some changes


      - Willing to take full responsibility for their choices


      - Willing to learn to adopt self-compassion rather than self-criticism

    48hr Money Back Guarantee

    Take a look around and if you're not satisfied with the value for money, then you're entitled to a full money back guarantee.

    Bonus Section!

    On top of everything we have already discussed, you get these goodies FREE too....

    Bonus #1.

    Cleanse Program

    A 5 day program to:

    - Kick addiction to the kerb.

    - Reboot your metabolism. 

    - Nourish and energise.

    Bonus #2

    Strengthen + Detox E-Book

    Daily rituals to naturally detox, aid digestion, strengthen the mind and body, and manage stress, anxiety and fear.

    You can begin right now.

     Choose Your Plan Below.

    Best Value: One Time Payment









    • Instant Access to:

      Module 0 - Foundations For Change

      Bonus #1: Cleanse 5 Day Program 

      Bonus #3: Strengthen + Detox Rituals E-book 



      Lifetime access to the HPHC course materials & future upgrades 

      Lifetime access to Facebook community 

      Lifetime access to future live program and webinars

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    x 3 payments monthly

    • Instant Access to:

      Module 0 - Foundations For Change

      Bonus #1: Cleanse 5 Day Program 

      Bonus #3: Strengthen + Detox Rituals E-book 



      Lifetime access to the HPHC course materials & future upgrades 

      Lifetime access to Facebook community 

      Lifetime access to future live program and webinars


    If your questions are not answered below, please email

    I am already super busy, how can I fit this in?

    Do I need to be a parent?

    What if I don't live in Australia?

    I'm fairly healthy, would I still benefit?

    I want to eat well, but my family are resistant.

    Can I join with a friend or work colleague?

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