- Mental + Emotional Instability

- Health, Weight + Vitality Challenges

- Chronic Pain + Inflammation

- Self-Sabotaging Behaviours  

- Limited Performance​"

Erin Barnes 

Creator of the 4C's Coaching Methodology

Founder Next Generation Wellness

The 'Leadership 'and 'Success' labels aren't reserved for corporate arenas.

We are all leaders.

Leading at home, in workplaces and in the community.


Yet how we consistently show up in all arenas, determines our leadership success and life-fulfilment.


And 'stress' (physically, mentally, socially or emotionally), dangerously restricts our ability to lead successfully.


Little by little critical areas become depleted.

With constant exposure to stressors, we find ourselves living in a state of fatigue, burnout, overwhelm, isolation, with weight gain, pain, fogginess, depression, anxiety, irritability and anger.


 To reduce the impact of stress, enabling the advancement of health, wellbeing, performance and extraordinary leadership at home, work and in the community.”


What We Shift. 

Using the 4C's Methodology, you will elevate human potential and say goodbye to;


- Mental + Emotional Instability 

anxiety, depression, irritability, anger, self-doubt, self-criticism, fear, confusion, distraction


- Health + Vitality Challenges

less than optimal weight, fatigue health and energy 


- Chronic Pain + Inflammation

brain fog, low immunity, auto-immune disease, skin conditions, muscle or joint pain, bloating, headaches


- Self-Sabotaging + Inconsistent Behaviours 

over- eating, under-eating, sleeping too sitting, sleeping too much, withdrawal, procrastination, perfectionism, numbing and nervous habits, ineffective behaviours, addiction, distraction


How We Shift It. 

The exclusive 4C's Coaching Methodology reduces your unique physical, mental and emotional stress triggers, alongside an individualised, values-centred and successful behaviour change framework, blending;

  • BRAIN Science - neuroplasticity, positive psychology, emotional literacy, belief systems, thought processing, fear triggers......
  • BODY Science - human biology, cells, biochemistry, hormones, metabolism, physiology, gut, detoxification.......
  • BEHAVIOURAL Science - nutrition, movement, self-care, mindfulness, leadership, cultural bias…...


 For Individuals

Solutions for individuals to raise vibrancy and energy, a healthy weight and body, high performing habits and effectiveness and a stable mental and emotional state.

For Workplaces

The brain, body and behaviour status of the humans that underpin your business, are the true drivers of its commercial success.


We work with business owners and/or Human Resources to onboard the right candidate and to develop KPI's that include behaviours for emotional, physical, mental and social resilience.


For Schools 

The High Performance 1-Day Experience for Schools, is curated to incorporate engaging science and evidence based educational sessions, alongside access to world-class facilities at The Sports Hub, Sunshine Coast, and expert professionals.


The experience is designed to educate students across nutrition, recovery, wellbeing, exercise science, and strength and conditioning in order for them to achieve new levels of performance, wellbeing, resilience and vitality.

Wellness + Stress Resilience Products

Products ranging from water filtration to bone broths, food based supplements, probiotics, detoxification kits, chemical free hair, face and body care, and organic essential oils.


A live series of meet-ups; events, retreats, group accountability, and workshops held near and far.


You can select your learning and integration topics and venue, or work with us to create your own personalised event or series.

Changing Communities

Protect what you Learn.

Live what you learn.

Lead with what you live.


Receive a free weekly email, requiring tiny self enquiry and action, yet compounded over time, creates colossal change. 

Body Reset

A 3-month program blending brain, body and behavioural sciences, private coaching and online learning for affordability and success!

Book a complimentary Stress Trigger + Health Status Evaluation.

Allow Erin to get underneath your physical, mental, emotional and behavioural drivers, and provide you with valuable insight so that you can successfully move toward vitality and whole life fulfilment.

You need to be committed to change if you're to take up this no cost and no obligation evaluation.

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