"Next Generation Wellness exists so that ambitious humans can achieve at superior levels across all areas of life, without becoming a victim and statistic of stress."

Erin Barnes 

Stress Resilience + Behaviour Change Specialist

Creator of the 4C's Coaching Methodology

The 'Leadership 'and 'Success' labels aren't reserved for corporate arenas.

We are all leaders.

Leading at home, in workplaces and in the community.


But 'stress' dangerously restricts our ability to lead successfully, and it pervades every aspect of our lives.

Critical areas of life become depleted.

"The Next Generation Wellness Mission is to reduce the impact of stress on ambitious people; inflammation, fatigue, burnout, overwhelm, weight challenges, depression, anxietyemotional instability, distraction with loved ones,

and to enable peak performance, results, and extraordinary leadership at home, work and in the community.”

What We Shift. 

Using the 4C's Coaching Methodology you will elevate human potential and say goodbye to;


- Mental + Emotional Instability 

anxiety, depression, irritability, anger, self-doubt, self-criticism, fear, confusion


- Health + Vitality Challenges

less than optimal weight, fatigue health and energy 


- Chronic Pain + Inflammation

brain fog, low immunity, auto-immune disease, skin conditions, muscle or joint pain, bloating, headaches


- Self-Sabotaging + Inconsistent Behaviours + Limited Performance

over- eating, under-eating, sleeping too sitting, sleeping too much, withdrawal, procrastination, perfectionism, numbing and nervous habits

How We Shift It. 

Our exclusive 4C's Coaching Methodology reduces your unique physical, mental and emotional stress triggers, alongside an individualised, values-centred and successful behaviour change framework, blending;

  • BRAIN Science - neuroplasticity, positive psychology, emotional literacy, belief systems, thought processing, fear triggers......
  • BODY Science - human biology, cells, biochemistry, hormones, metabolism, physiology, gut, detoxification.......
  • BEHAVIOURAL Science - nutrition, movement, self-care, mindfulness, leadership, cultural bias…...

Who We Work With.  

Ambitious and driven humans.

They’re also kind, enriched through authentic connection, and driven to succeed and show up being their best personally and professionally.


For some, they're so full with their work commitments, other areas become neglected (ie health, family, relationships).

For others, their perfectionist, multi-tasking madness across all areas, leaves them exhausted, distracted, and emotionally and mentally unstable.


Despite the current level of stretch, there’s still an unrelenting reminder of what could expand,

what's yet to be achieved,

and areas of life not quite as they desire.


Our clients are slight FOMO’s (fear of missing out), juggling the desired JOMO (joy of missing out).


They’re a person of influence (whether aware of it or not), driven to expand self, then lead others.


They’re enablers – they lift others up.


They're on the look out for other interesting humans to spend their time with.


They have a posture of commitment, personal integrity, responsibility, curiosity + authenticity. 


They’re achievement addicts, but alongside this comes STRESS.

And their unique stress drivers (physically, mentally and emotionally) restrict their unlimited human potential, the way they show up, and how they will be remembered.




The Frightening Statistics.

In a world that is becoming faster, more emotionally and relationally disconnected, pleasure driven, physically undernourished and toxic, we need serious change without pause.


In a world that is becoming faster, more emotionally and relationally disconnected, pleasure driven, physically undernourished and toxic, we need serious change without pause.


Our Children.

One in five adolescents experience depression by the time they reach 18 years of age.


Almost one-quarter of children are overweight or obese, and rates continue to rise.


Half of all mental health conditions in adulthood begin before the age of 14.

Our Leaders.

One in 5 Australians experience a mental health condition in a given year.


63.4 percent of Australian adults were overweight or obese in 2014-15, which cost the economy $8.6 billion in 2011–12.


Nearly three million Australians live with depression and/or anxiety, which affect their wellbeing, personal relationships, career and productivity. Only 35% seek help.


1 in 3 marriages end in divorce.


Our Workplaces.

Mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces $4.7 billion in absenteeism, $6.1 billion in presenteeism and $145.9 million in compensation claims.


It estimated that every dollar spent on effective workplace mental health actions may generate $2.30 in benefits to an organisation — a 2.3 per cent return on investment.


Only 43% of workers say they are working at peak productivity most of the time.


One in five Australians (21%) have taken time offwork in the past 12 months because they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy


 For Individuals

Coaching for individuals who are highly ambitious and high performing at home, work and in the community, yet often find themselves over-worked, over-whelmed, and over-it!

For Workplaces

The brain, body and behaviour status of the humans that underpin your business, are the true drivers of its commercial success.


A live series of meet-ups; events, retreats, group accountability, and workshops held near and far.


You can select your learning and integration topics and venue, or work with us to create your own personalised event or series.

Wellness + Stress Resilience Products

Products ranging from water filtration to bone broths, food based supplements, probiotics, detoxification kits, chemical free hair, face and body care, and organic essential oils.

Changing Communities

Protect what you Learn.

Live what you learn.

Lead with what you live.


Receive a free weekly email, requiring tiny self enquiry and action, yet compounded over time, creates colossal change. 

Book a complimentary Stress Trigger + Health Status Evaluation.

Allow Erin to get underneath your physical, mental, emotional and behavioural drivers, and provide you with valuable insight so that you can successfully move toward vitality and whole life fulfilment.

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