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About Erin.

Erin specialises in physical health, mental wellbeing, emotional intelligence and stress resilience, qualified with a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAsc) – Human Movement Sciences, Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Level 2 Certified Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Sports Trainer and a certified Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator in Aromatherapy.


Erin is the creator of the 4Cs Coaching Methodology which allows sustainable behaviour change, stress resilience and high performance among individuals and organisations. The 4Cs Methodology blends the latest science and research across positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership, nutrition, human biology, mindfulness, emotional literacy and exercise physiology.


Erin works with individuals, workplaces and within the community enabling;

- High performance habits and value-aligned behaviour change

- Mental and emotional stability

- Reduced pain + inflammation

- Shifted limiting beliefs + habits

- Elevated energy, efficiency + performance

- Clarity and conviction

- Extraordinary results and life success across whole-life areas


Erin lives on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia, with 2 pretty awesome kids, legendary husband and friends, and is a ‘recovered’ perfectionist, pessimist, Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer and control freak!


Stress has been a focus area for Erin for 20 years, after her Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis hit her whilst was studying how to physically perform at the highest level, and whilst training at elite level sport.


Within the 3-month period that followed this time, Erin found herself unable to walk, and unable to 'achieve' both academically and physically. For an ambitious, high performer, these limitations spread into her daily experience, both emotionally and mentally.


Erin went on to question the missing links, and how they were impacting her ability to live her life at peak potentiality, and how to successfully integrate inter-disciplinary behaviours to move away from medication, and back to health, vitality, emotional stability, and high performance.


L. Canham

Imagine The Possibilities conference - Co-organiser

"Erin Barnes was one of our guest speakers at Imagine The Possibilities 2016 - a full day conference for business women based in regional Victoria.

Through her transformative workshop - The Extraordinary Life - Erin provided our delegates with practical measures to shift limiting behaviour, reduce physical and emotional stress, enliven their emotions, and tap into an elevated energy level.

Erin took the time to understand the objectives of our event, delivering specialised content that empowered guests with essential daily rituals to guarantee business success and a life well lived.

Her presentation style was polished, engaging, and resonated deeply with a diverse audience.

Erin is a consummate professional, an expert in her field, and a delight to work with. She interacted with our attendees during session breaks, and worked closely with our event management team. Thank you Erin for the outstanding contribution you made to our event."

Kim Morrison

Founder Twenty8 Essentials, Speaker, Author

"What an honor it is to sing the praises of our guest speaker Erin Barnes at our recent Essential Self Care Retreat.

Erin’s knowledge around health, wellness, stress reduction, brain science and human behavior was gratefully received. Her commanding delivery and ability to connect with everyone in the room is what made her such a standout. Every attendee appreciated her insights and knowledge and more importantly how she inspired each individual to want to live a better life. In my humble opinion there is no greater accolade.

I can not recommend Erin highly enough. She is professional and personable and without doubt a well-respected leader in the health and wellness industry making a massive difference." 

Matt Elliott

Director, Quant Wagering

My team and I worked with Erin on our company cultural values and employee personality profiles.  The multi-session process was very well managed by Erin - each session to the point yet made all team members comfortable being very easy to talk too.  

In the first session, it was clear the vast body of knowledge and expertise Erin possesses, but she also has the unique talent of connecting with team members speaking with clarity rather than complicating the processes unnecessarily. 

The outcome was a set of company values, an operationalised values strategy along with clear supporting behaviours, non-performance employee KPIs and employee personality profiles.  All invaluable for the cultural foundation of the company now and into the future.

My company will be working with Erin in the future and I couldn't recommend her services highly enough.

Liz Vella

Professional Development Executive, Institute of Public Accountants


Erin’s presentation was brilliant! 

She completely understood the brief and provided our delegates with a very relevant and informative session on the importance of stress resilience. 

Her professional manner and knowledge in this area was very impressive.

Erin’s presentation was a wonderful addition to our program.

I loved the experience! It was fast paced and highly effective for me personally as I like to roll this way too. It stretched me and gave me extra depth and understanding about the brain and how I personally work, my values and states of being. All very helpful thank you. 

Very inspiring to me personally as a business owner as well.

- S. Williams, NSW 


I was so enthralled by the knowledge that Erin imparted. The scene was set with stunning styling that made me feel excited, knowing that I was going to be in the hands of someone who really cares about all the fine details and making sure that we were all comfortable. I walked away with so many great tools that I look forward to implementing in my daily life.

- R. Maynard, QLD - Mask Events




 Thank you so much, Erin, for pouring your heart and soul into this program. You've certainly changed my life and I'll be forever grateful for your contribution to my life.

- E. Johnson, NSW



Erin Barnes is a phenomenal coach and meticulous wellness educator who can articulate the ‘juice‘ in a way that others simply can’t.

- H. Meyer, QLD

A heartfelt thank you to Erin Barnes for holding such an incredible event. There was a beautiful warm energy in the room that created the right space to talk about something so close to my heart. I’m passionate about lifting the lid on grief, one conversation at a time, giving hope to those grieving and living my best life by example, of someone who has survived and resurfaced after heartbreaking compounded grief.

- R. Pope - Gifts From Grief


The day was amazing and I can already feel a shift in some of my behaviours! Lovely to connect with an amazing group!

- L.Sefton Vic





Very informative, well rounded and nurturing meeting with some cool woman. Loved it!

- A. Roache, QLD


Seriously one of the most comprehensive, eye opening and life changing courses I have ever done. Erin is incredibly generous with her wealth of knowledge.

- K.Eldridge, NSW


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