Seeking ambitious agents.


Those driven to be better humans, who role model their best both personally and professionally. Creating a meaningful ripple. 


They have a posture of ambition, high performance  responsibility, connection, curiosity, mindfulness + authenticity.


Personal integrity is at their core.


They are always stretching, yet wish to expand without detrimental stress impacting their wellbeing and life success.


They're willing to embrace tiny snippets of self-enquiry and action, which over time leads to a colossal impact.

A tiny,

positive action,

compounded over time,

creates colossal change.

"Making the right choices, taking the right actions. It's truly easy to do. Ridiculously easy.

But it's just as easy not to do.

And if you don't do them, there won't be any big drama about it. It won't kill you; it won't hurt you; in fact it won't make any difference at all....

Not today anyway. Not tomorrow.

But over time?"  - Jeff Olson


Joining the NGW Kin is a pledge to.....

Protect what you Learn.

Live what you learn.

Lead with what you live.



In a world that is becoming faster, more emotionally and relationally disconnected, pleasure driven, physically undernourished and toxic, we need serious change without pause.
And we are all leaders.
The change starts within us.

#NGWkin Inclusions:

Tiny snippets of self-enquiry delivered to your inbox, requiring little actions, yet compounded over time, creates colossal change. 


Plus updates, specials and other important items every now and then.

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